COLIMATA's Concorde FXP Updated with Major Autopilot Additions

Alex John
Friday, June 28, 2019

COLIMATA has released an update to their Concorde FXP, which focuses largely on autopilot functions and the INS.

V1.02 spans over eighteen pages of the PDF changelog (working link to the changelog can be found in this post here), and is summarised below.

In terms of the autopilot, the following functions were added:

AP horizontal steering

  • INS Flies to one waypoint after the other if a flight plan is loaded (Can be loaded via the GUI -> Flight Preparation -> Waypoints -> Commit). Via the INS a ‘Direct-To-waypoint’ command can be set (WPT CHG).
  • TRK HDG Track: Flies straight to active navigation beacon Heading: Turns the aircraft towards the heading set on the dial (black rotary). Afterwards holds that heading until a new value is set.
  • VOR LOC Turns the aircraft towards the VOR bearing of the set navigation station and holds that bearing when reached. (Works also with ILS)
  • HDG HOLD The aircraft holds the current heading.

AP vertical steering

  • PITCH HOLD holds pitch angle set on the pitch indexer (ADI - white bar)
  • ALT HOLD holds the current altitude by changing the pitch of the aircraft if necessary. Takes new value if aircraft is manually forced to new altitude.
  • ALT ACQ altitude acquire holds the aircraft at the altitude value set on the altitude dial as soon as this altitude is reached.
  • VERT SPEED reaches and holds the vertical climb speed set on the vs-bug on the vertical speed indicator instrument.


  • MACH HOLD holds the current Mach number via throttle movement
  • IAS HOLD holds the current Indicated airspeed via throttle movement
  • IAS ACQ acquires airspeed set on the AFCS airspeed dial via throttle movement

Detailed explanations of each function and how to operate the aircraft using them is found in the changelog. The link to the post containing the file can be found here again.

In addition, other changes were also made, such as the fly-by-wire now reacts faster at low levels than previously.

"The Autopilot and the Autothrottle disconnect at 180 ft above the ground now. This way the automatic disconnect is more predictable and the Pilot has enough time to take over.
"Elevator trim is set to neutral automatically as soon as AP/AT disconnect. This way the aircraft has much less tendency to pitchup. Be aware that the additional lift of the ‘ground effect’ can reduce the descent rate during final.

"Other minor improvements have been implemented with v1.02:
"Crew messages are less likely to happen in wrong situations
"Better startup settings for the pitch_index and the vs_bug"

A link to the update can be found on the forum post here. The supersonic aircraft is available for US $49.95 currently, but COLIMATA is to raise the price with this update by the end of this month, as noted here.

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