CowanSim Releases Bell 222UT

Monday, April 13, 2020

CowanSim has just made a surprise release of X-Plane 11’s latest helicopter, the iconic Bell 222UT that is known for its appearance in the popular TV show Airwolf

The Bell 222 is a twin-turbine light helicopter introduced by Bell Helicopter in 1979. It is powered by two LTS101-650 engines and a two-bladed rotor. Bell launched the 222UT variant in 1983, it differs from other versions by a lack of landing gear, replaced by skids. This allows the rotorcraft to have bigger auxiliary tanks ,therefore, the range was augmented to 486 nautical miles. 

The helicopter became well-known when it appeared in the TV show Airwolf as a modified and fictional, supersonic and stealth capable version. Community-member iancs made a popular rendition of the helicopter for X-Plane 11 available on the Forums

Here is the full feature list provided by CowanSim:

  • Compatible with X-Plane 11.50's Vulkan API
  • Compatible with Virtual Reality
  • Realistic Flight Dynamics Tested by Real Bell 222 Pilots
  • 4K PBR Textures
  • Custom 3D intruments
  • Passenger cabin is modeled
  • Detailed Paintkit with a UV Layer
  • Many Liveries
  • Vibrant and Detailed Night Lighting
  • Custom Animations and Sounds

The Bell 222UT by CowanSim is available for purchase on CowanSim’s website for $24.95. 

Thanks to members of our Discord Server Janis and SilentOwl for tipping us off on this release! 

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