New updates regarding COWS Diamond DA42!

Jacob provided an update covering the progress of the DA42 for X-Plane 12 via their Discord Channel. COWS is known for their meticulous flight testing and aims to provide the most accurate DA42 for X-Plane 12. With flight testing from real-world DA42 pilots, this iteration of the Diamond will likely be the most accurate you can buy. Improvements in the visual modeling and texturing, aiming to make the model as visually appealing as the MSFS counterpart. 

Progress advancements for the in-house COWS NXi, a replica of G1000, are also highlighted. The development of the NXi may take slightly longer than anticipated, but steady progress has been made. Highly configurable, the NXi will feature in-depth renditions of the many complex configurations of the displayed GPS map. The addition of RAIM prediction to the map is a notable progress. See the map NXi in action here.

Stay tuned to Threshold for more news regarding the progress of COWS DA42!

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