SSG CRJ-Series Progress Report

Sam Clark
Monday, October 7, 2019

After criticism from members of SSG's Facebook group for being too quiet on progress of their CRJ-Series, the project's head developer, Andrzej Borysewicz, has posted some new screenshots of the regional jet in action.

No less than ten minutes after the critique was made, the developer provided a comprehensive status update on the plane - of the -700 variant - citing the group's forthcoming 747 version 2 upgrade as the main reason for radio silence over the last few months.

Whilst the rest of the team works away on SSG's other main project, Borysewicz continues to chip away at manipulator work for the cockpit, though he warns that no other progress will be made in terms of systems until the 747-8i has received it's coveted version 2 upgrade.

In addition to the two screenshots attached to the post, made on the CRJ development Facebook group, the developer provides an explanation for the unsightly green boxes on screen. The boxes are representations of a single individual manipulator (which in itself ranges from a switch, to a knob, to a button), a filter which is toggleable in the X-Plane menus.

Replying to feedback, Andrzej thanks customers for their patience and admits that the while not much new content was discussed in this update, perhaps "no news is good news" when it comes to SSG's CRJs - at least until the 747 is updated.

You can find the source post for this article on SSG's CRJ Facebook group (NOTE: No Facebook account is required to see this post).

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