Carenado Updates PA44 Seminole for Microsoft Flight Simulator

March 26, 2021

Well respected multi-sim developers, Carenado, have just pushed out the newest update for their PA44 Seminole, taking the product to version 1.5. This follows its initial release in late November 2020. 

The update fixes minor bugs that came up along with lighting and reflection fixes but most notably improves performance. This comes after the release of Sim Update 3, which was published just two weeks ago. 

The PA44 Seminole is a popular twin engine aircraft for personal and flight training uses and comes with four seats, 180 horsepower per engine and can cruise at around 160 knots. It also has a maximum range of just over 900 nautical miles.

This update fixes and improves the following:

  • Fixed interior lighting
  • Fixed windows reflections
  • Improved flight dynamics and performance due to simulator update III (1.14.5)
  • Improved interior sounds
  • Minor bug fixes

 You can check out the original announcement of the update on Carenado's Facebook page.

You can purchase the PA44 for $29.99 on the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-game marketplace.

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