CloudSurf Asia Releases Singapore Changi for Microsoft Flight Simulator

January 23, 2021

Formerly an X-Plane developer, CloudSurf Asia made their first move into Microsoft Flight Simulator development in October 2020 with the release of a Singapore VFR scenery for the new platform.

Today, their first airport project has seen the light of day with Singapore Changi Airport hitting the market.

Speaking on the product page, the developer said that "this handcrafted airport - made with passion - is full of visual improvements and custom made objects to represent Singapore Changi as real as possible [sic]."

"All custom objects are built and design[ed] based on real life data."

They provided the following feature list for the airport:

  • Massive custom built, handcrafted Changi Airport built for MSFS
  • Full PBR on all airport objects
  • Detailed and crisp textures on all terminals
  • Fully modeled terminal 1, 2, 3, 4, Cargo area and Maintenance Areas
  • Full HDR stunning night lighting across the airport
  • Custom static aircraft and strategically placed for best online flying experience like VATSIM
  • Bridge Taxiway, Animated Skytrain and Radars
  • Stunning Jewel exterior with minimal interior
  • Custom Taxiway signs and markings
  • Custom detailed ground textures
  • LOD Optimized for best performance
  • VATSIM ready, all airport data up-to-date
  • Custom and animated jetways specifically made for Changi Airport

To learn more about CloudSurf Asia's previous endeavours, check out this installment of our No Money Monday's series which covers the group's freeware Manila scenery for X-Plane.

You can purchase CloudSurf Asia's Singapore Changi Airport for $18.99 AUD (US$14.65 | €12,04 | £10.71) from OrbxDirect.

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