Cowan Simulations Update the Bell 222B/UT for X-Plane 11

November 20, 2020

X-Plane 11 developer Cowan Simulations has released an update for their Bell 222B/UT helicopter. This update from Cowan Sim brings their aircraft to version 2.10 and features an array of new and exciting features to improve the chopper’s overall experience.

The biggest takeaway from the changelog that Cowan Simulations have provided is the introduction of FMOD sounds replacing the helicopter’s former SASL sound code; the developer stated, “FMOD is more efficient and boasts a highly immersive 3D audio experience. This is a huge upgrade”. Along with the FMOD’s sound improvements, It will also save some space. According to the developer, the former SASL sounds occupied 2,000 lines of code with multiple folders; the new FMOD sounds will only occupy one folder with three files, making the files a “tenth of the former size.”

The update also comes with multiple improvements to different aspects of the aircraft with fixes to various systems, animations, and more. Cowan Sim also stated that they are aware of the lack of ADF functionality present on the helicopter, saying that it may be added in the future, but at the moment, GPS, NAV 1, and NAV 2 need to be used.

Lastly, the developer touched upon the optimization of the 222, confirming that they’re aware of certain users experiencing low FPS. According to Cowan Sim, the Bell is a unique aircraft and is suited with “tons of animations, code, highly detailed modeling and systems depth”; also saying that you shouldn’t compare the 222 to other aircraft as “they are completely different animals” Lastly, the developer has said that the chopper “could be stripped down to a simple model with basic functionality and 2k textures, but [that] this is not the goal for these helicopters”. The 5 FPS performance gain wouldn’t be worth the product’s drop in quality, stated the developer.

Summarized Changelog:

  • Addition of FMOD sounds
  • Rotor Animations
  • Rotor Flex
  • RPM INC/DEC Switch
  • Fuel System Logic
  • Hydraulic System
  • Electrical System
  • Doors Datarefs
  • Search-Light Updates
  • Random Animation Updates/Fixes
  • X-Checklist Updates

The Bell 222UT can be bought via their store for $24.95, while the B variant can be purchased here for the same price.

If you’re interested, Cowan Sim offers a bundle for both the Bell 222B and UT variants, which you can buy on their store for $39.95.

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