Cockspur releases new C510 Mustang Trailer

September 17, 2022

A very cool corporate jet is on its way! Cockspur, an FS2020 developer of the A22 Foxbat and the SG38 Schulgleiter, has posted a recent trailer of its C510 Mustang. The project has been under development and is making significant progress. The trailer shows an accurate rendition of the Citation Mustang, a light business jet capable of seating up to four passengers with a range of about 1,100 nautical miles.


Cockspur's trailer also shows interior details, as well as an air ambulance variant still in beta. Navigation options include the NXi or FS2020’s stock G1000. Interactive features include an iDevice for controlling various aircraft components, controllable doors, window blinds, and more. Check out the official trailer here on Youtube. Check out Cockspur's official Discord here. 

Expect more updates and info soon here at Threshold!

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