Crosstail Studios' A-1H Skyraider Dev Update

Crosstail Studios has made amazing progress in their A-1H Skyraider module for DCS World. They have all been working day and night in order to produce a realistic rendition of this magnificent aircraft. There are multiple areas which are touched on in this article ranging from Flight Model changes to their Future development plans.

Flight Model

  • Flawless ground effect integration and ground handling during taxi, leading to genuine-feeling takeoffs and landings.
  • Differential braking and parking brake features, with accurate ground maneuvering.
  • Immersive cockpit shaking effects simulating engine vibration and atmospheric turbulence.
  • Refined drag calculations for authentic flight realism.
  • Complete control surface simulations, an upcoming hydraulic system, advanced engine management, fuel consumption simulation, and onboard oxygen system.
  • A functional AN/APN-22 radar altimeter and foundational programming for futuristic autopilot features.

Cockpit Modelling Progress

  • Attention to the tiniest details, ensuring a peerless cockpit simulation.
  • Fluid animations.
  • Lifelike textures capturing every nuance of the A-1H Skyraider's cockpit. The preview renders are work in progress but shows the clear detail involved.

Radar Weapon Systems

  • Detailed architecture for the immaculate integration of components and algorithms.
  • Robust signal processing algorithms ensuring precision aircraft detection and tracking.
  • An ongoing series of rigorous tests on the functional radar prototype to ascertain its reliability.

Future Development Plans

The journey has just begun! With plans to infuse life-like animations and intricate textures. Stay tuned, as they continue to develop this amazing aircraft and more updates come to light.

In conclusion, Crosstail Studios continues to provide development updates to this module and although no pricing information or release date has been confirmed, Threshold will keep you informed as more news comes to light.

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