VATSIM Cross the Land Event Westbound Slots Booking Opens January 22nd

January 21, 2022

Earlier this week, The Virtual Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) announced that pilots participating in Cross the Land Westbound (CTL) will be able to sign up for a departure slot starting at 18:00 UTC, January 22nd. The event, taking place on February 12, will give the flight-sim community an unique opportunity to fly between the Middle East and Europe through busy controlled airspace. 

According to the planning team, a total of 620 slots will be available to the pilots. The first slot will depart at 09:00 UTC while the last one will be departing at 15:05 UTC. The slot booking process will open from 18:00 UTC on January 22nd to 23:59 on February 11th, though previous Vatsim events of a similar scale suggest that slots will likely fill up within the first few days.

Currently, Cross the Land Westbound will take place on February 12th, roughly a month from now. Departure and arrival airports for CTL are as follows:

EUD Airports:

  • Flughafen Franz Josef Strauß (EDDM)
  • Vienna International Airport (LOWW)
  • Brussels-National Airport (EBBR)
  • Geneva Airport (LSGG)
  • Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (LEMG)
  • Riga International Airport (EVRA)

MENA Airports:

  • Dubai International Airport (OMDB)
  • Queen Alia International Airport (OJAI)
  • Kuwait International Airport (OKBK)
  • King Abdulaziz International Airport (OEJN)
  • Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (HESH)

For pilots interested in the event, please join Cross the Land Discord and monitor the event page for the latest updates.

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