VATSIM Cross The Pond Slots Now Open!

March 9, 2022

VATSIM's team has announced the opening of their slot system for pilots to express their interest in participating in the upcoming event. Those who aren't familiar with the new slot system should note that the new system doesn't allow you to book a specific slot initially, but rather "expressing interest" enters you into a lottery to win a slot.

‍Cross The Pond is the largest and longest-running event on VATSIM. Its history dates back to almost 20 years ago, and the event takes place biannually in a transatlantic fashion between North America and Europe. The VATSIM team has adapted to the modern media landscape, so pilots can now monitor CTP updates by following the #CTP22W hashtag on Twitter rather than having to scour through the website. They've also created a Discord server for aspiring CTP pilots to communicate and receive news regarding the event.

Lastly, the team wants to thank the community for its dedicated volunteers for making the event possible. Pilots who desire to participate should check out their website to potentially win a spot for the event.

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