VATSIM Cross the Pond Westbound Airports Announced

February 27, 2022

After originally opening up voting earlier this month, the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, better known as VATSIM, has revealed the airports set to be used for this year's Cross the Pond (CTP) Westbound event. This year, it will take place on April 2nd.

For those unaware, Cross the Pond is an extremely popular event held annually on the network which allows users to fly across the Atlantic with full ATC coverage and realistic procedures. Not only does this event generate a lot of excitement within the community, but it typically sees an incredible amount of traffic, making it one of the busiest events on the network.

Ranging from Munich Airport (EDDM) to Barbados (TBPB), the community has voted on a multitude of different departure and arrival aerodromes, which are viewable in the picture below.

It should be noted, however, that users will need to book a CTP slot to ensure participation in this event without delays. However, users are able to take part in the event without booking a slot, but delays should be expected. For further information make sure to check out the VATSIM Cross the Pond website. As well, Threshold will make sure to keep you updated once the bookings for the event open.

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