COWS Releases DA42 Series for MSFS

COWS have recently released their DA42 Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a rendition of the DA42-VI and DA42-TDI variants of the Diamond DA42 Twin Star, a popular twin-engine four-seater first flown in 2002 and introduced in 2004.

Christian Dries, Diamond’s founder and chief executive officer, approached their design team in the late 1990s with a concept for a twin-engined aircraft, which eventually became their first twin-engined airplane, with over 600 built since its inception. It was idealized to be simple, fuel-efficient, and luxurious. 

Seating up to four people, it can cruise at 326 km/h with a total range of 2,250 km, making it a solid luxury commuter. The DA42-VI, the first variant, features improvements in the propellers and aerodynamics, allowing it to cruise faster and more efficiently. 

The add-on features a high-fidelity visual model with photorealistic texturing, accurate placards, fiberglass scratching, an intricate interior model with moderate or heavy wear, two-panel color options, a flight model tried and tested by DA42 students and flight instructors, with accurate performance figures and handling, a true-to-life electrical system with circuit breakers and custom alternator voltage simulation, custom standby flight instrumentation, custom hydraulic gear system simulation, engine damage, state saving, a dynamic sound engine, and much more.

It’s available on OrbxDirect for roughly $30.18, requiring at least 2.88 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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