Dark Space Updates xEnviro for X-Plane 12.06

Dark Space has recently updated xEnviro to work with X-Plane 12.06r3, following up on a bigger update from late August that added a series of enhancements to both X-Plane 11 and 12.

Update 1.26 brought dithering technology to reduce sky banding, X-Plane 11 compatibility, in-cloud light scattering, and 1.27 warranted the compatibility with the latest version of X-Plane 12.

The developer team says they are actively working on reintroducing the features that were held back during the transition from X-Plane 11 to X-Plane 12. The following updates aim to reflect that.

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xEnviro is available on its official websiteThreshold Store, and X-Plane.Org for $69.99.

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