Drzewiecki Design Confirms Development for Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 6, 2020

As part of the wave of announcements from developers confirming their commitment to develop in the Microsoft Flight Simulator, Drzewiecki Design followed suit, though with a slight explanation to the reason behind the wave of announcements.

"Devs were cleared to publish images of their products in the sim" the team explained, followed by some screenshots of a test airport they've put together to explore development in the new platform. "here are some shots of our little test airport where we learned new techniques" The team also noted the relative ease of workflow adaptation to the new simulator, disclaiming that everything is fully FS2020 native and operational:

Like the announcement posts from other developers, not much information was shared to elaborate. Read the original Facebook post here. Stay tuned for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator developments at our dedicated hub page.

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