Drzewiecki Design Updates Six X-Plane Products

Friday, May 15, 2020

Compatibility with X-Plane's beta 11.50 was the top priority for today's six updates across Drzewiecki Design's range for Laminar's sim, with small adjustments and changes made to some of the sceneries contained within the list.

Their renditions of Warsaw Chopin Airport, Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, the Polish Airports Pack (volume 3), the Seattle Airports Pack, the Warsaw City VFR pack and Washington XP have all seen updates.

After joking that the updates would be payware, the developer affirmed that all of them will be available for free in their most recent Facebook post.

Besides compatibility updates, two of Drzewiecki Design's American products, Seattle Airports XP and Washington XP, have seen other changes. For the Seattle product, airport layout fixes have been applied to the five local airports included in the package, whereas Washington XP has received improved ground texture quality and seen the removal of a 757, though the location of this is not mentioned.

According to the developer, "you should be notified by stores as soon as these updates become available. Please note that for some stores it may take longer."

Speaking in the comments of the post, Drzewiecki Design discussed potential future updates to the New York and Washington packages responding to a question about Scenery Animation Manager implementation, saying it would be "quite expensive, [it] would have to be done as payware."

At time of writing, none of the six updates have been released on the X-Plane.org Store, nor have we been able to confirm whether they're available on simMarket. This article will be updated once they go live.

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