FLIGHTBEAM Studios Issues KDEN Progress update

February 3, 2023

MSFS scenery developers FLIGHTBEAM Studios have recently issued a progress update on their upcoming expansions for the KDEN scenery. The updates will be focused on matching the continuing improvement/ expansion work at the real Denver international airport. 

The team at FLIGHTBEAM have gone on to say: “I've (FLIGHTBEAM) been extremely fortunate to have some amazing customers who work at the airport, send me a slew of previous photos of the massive expansions happening at the airport. It's become apparent that this is by far one of the biggest real-world expansions at an airport I've seen in some time”

As a result of the sheer scale of the work happening at Denver airport, FLIGHTBEAM has decided to issue their updates in 2 to 3 parts which will each focus on progressing the scenery along. They have disclosed that not only will the airport expansions be the focus of the scenery updates, but they will also be updating each terminal already in the scenery to a new and even higher standard. This includes - New 4k textures and updated PBR, exterior modelling upgrades, an entirely new interior, completely re-made from scratch and brand new Flightbeam Gen-5 Jetways at each gate to name just a few new features. 

Although a date has not been revealed for the first part of this update, FLIGHTBEAM have ensured their customers that it will be soon. We will keep you updated as this develops here at Threshold. 

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