Debut: FelisPlanes unveils 747-200 Classic project

Peter Tram
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Step back to the 70s for good old times because Andrey Felis of TU-154 and JARDesign has unveiled his latest and greatest project in the making; the 747-200.

The aforementioned developer plans to develop the classic variant, with fully analogue gauges equipped with LTN72 or LTN92 INS. Felis also is contemplating producing the VC-25/Air Force One as it was in the 1970's. One can ponder how the in-flight refuelling would be simulated.

The 747-200 Classic project is still in its infancy, the developer has recently just bought reference materials; blueprints, FCOM and AMM, alongside with numerous documents online. So far, the fuselage is currently being developed, the doors and windows are all cut, and the nest step is to begin finidsh cutting the cargo doors and technical holes on the belly of the fuselage.

Here are the images posted on the thread:

Felis has also noted that he'd like all the feedback and help he can have through the development thread, so if you happen to have the information that he needed, then be sure to comment or message him on the forum thread.

We wish Felis the best of luck on this massive project, looking forward to upcoming updates.

Original Development Thread: LINK

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