Dubai Next-Gen Development Update Released

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Omar Masroor, a long-time developer for X-Plane mostly known for his work on Aerosoft’s Geneva scenery, has released his first development update for the Dubai Next-Gen scenery, which was announced on December 31st in 2019.

The update features multiple side-by-side screenshots of the complete overhaul of textures and colour corrections, as well as including a video in 4k 60FPS, showcasing the sheer detail of these textures.

Initially Masroor apologises for his absence and for the long time of silence, explaining that he wished to complete “one final overhaul before continuing with development at the normal pace.” He reported that this is now his fourth overhaul of the scenery.

“After completing Concourse B, I realized I'd been doing PBR texturing incorrectly all along. I decided to experiment with my texturing workflow and was so surprised by the drastic difference after trying it on a single texture, that I decided to redo all the textures in the scenery with the new workflow,” he continues.

The developer stresses that the video should be viewed in 4k 60FPS if possible, to “really see the difference” between the two different textures and colours.

“As you can see, I haven't just redone the textures, but also completely replaced most of them with better ones. I've also corrected the colors of the painted markings to correspond to standardized aerodrome signage colors,” he explains.

Masroor has also stated that while he has missed some textures in these ground shots, they will also be entirely revamped by the next development update.

While we do not yet know the release date of the scenery, Omar has disclosed late 2020 as the release period in the original announcement, however he also stated that we should expect delays. This signifies Q4 2020 to Q1 2021 as a likely release window.

The images given in today's update are also available to view in 4k format in the post, and Threshold will keep you up to date on further updates.

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