SimCoders Releases JustFlight DR400 Reality Expansion Pack

November 15, 2021

Following on from previous works with Just Flight aircraft, SimCoders has released their Reality Enhancement Pack (REP) for the DR400. Just Flight’s DR400 was released in January 2020 at an unusually lower price, as a thanks to the community for the support the developer had received. 

REP Packs aim to bring a whole new level of quality into aircraft bringing in-depth systems to each aspect of the aircraft, including a 100% custom engine model, a damage model among others. Find the full list of what the pack brings to your aircraft below.

SimCoders have released countless enhancement packs for various, single and twin-engined aircraft throughout their time developing for X-Plane. Previously completed packs include those for the Laminar default C172 and Beachcraft Baron B58. Also completed on the 3rd party side of the company is packs for some of Thrandra’s aircraft, as well as many packs for various Carenado aircraft.

SimCoders doesn’t only do expansion packs though, having worked with JRollon on their cooperative SIAI Marchetti SF-260, a light Italian Sports aircraft, nicknamed the “Ferrari of the Skies”.

Here’s a summary of new system depth brought by the pack:

Realistic stall speeds & behaviour

  • Realistic climb speeds
  • Realistic cruise speeds
  • Realistic Weight & Balance
  • Realistic taxi behaviour
  • Dynamic ground roll sounds
  • Complex Damages System
  • Triggered by the pilot actions
  • Based on real-world data
  • Target every system in the aircraft
  • Meant to teach you how to correctly manage an aeroplane
  • Realistic Lycoming O-360-A3A Engine Simulation

100% custom engine model independent from X-Plane default

  • Realistic propeller animations as never seen before on X-Plane
  • Correct fuel consumption
  • Complex Oil System
  • Realistic oil viscosity
  • Interchangeable oil type
  • Oil pump failures
  • Realistic oil filter
  • Carburettor Fuel System
  • Realistic fuel pump behaviour
  • Realistic fuel filter
  • Interchangeable spark plugs: default or fine-wire
  • Spark plugs fouling
  • Realistic Lean of Peak and Rich of Peak operations
  • Realistic startup procedure
  • Realistic engine temperatures
  • Fuel Flooding simulation
  • The engine parts are damaged if not managed correctly

Realistic Landing Gear

  • The landing gear is damaged by hard landings
  • The brakes and tires are damaged if not managed correctly

Electrical & Avionics System

  • Realistic Battery
  • The avionics are damaged if on when the engine starts/shuts down
  • Learn with the non-invasive in-flight tips

Simulation of Hypoxia

  • Tunnel Vision
  • Hard Breathing
  • Stunning sounds

3D sounds (custom FMOD-like sound engine)

  • Realistic engine clicks and stutters
  • Dynamic ground roll sounds
  • Fuselage wind sound
  • Landing gear wind
  • Independent touch down sounds
  • Real avionics sound

Interactive Walkaround

  • Cockpit checks
  • Aileron, rudder, elevator and flaps check
  • Tire check and chocks removal
  • Tie-down removal
  • Pitot tube check
  • Engine cowl check
  • Fuel quantity check
  • Oil quantity and quality check
  • Lights check
  • Postflight walkaround

Simulation state saving

  • Every single switch and lever position is restored when you reload the aircraft
  • The battery may discharge if you leave it on and then close X-Plane
  • As X-Plane is launched, the engine temps are restored based on the elapsed time

Maintenance Hangar

  • Engine maintenance tab
  • Electrical systems maintenance tab
  • Landing gear, brakes & tires tab


  • Realistic gyro wander and HSI behaviour
  • Economic System
  • Can be enabled/disabled on the fly
  • Earn virtual money when you fly
  • Use virtual money to buy fuel and do maintenance/repairs
  • Realistic fuel prices around the World
  • Can be used parallel to FSEconomy. Fully compatible with FSEconomy systems.

SimCoder’s latest DR400 Expansion Pack can be purchased for $19.99 from the Store.

The Just Flight Robin DR400 is required for the pack to work, this is required to be purchased separately. The DR400 is $12 on the Threshold Store or $14.99 on the Store.

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