DeltaWing Simulations Unveils F-16 Series

September 17, 2020

New developers on the block DeltaWing Simulations has taken off wraps of their first aircraft development project for X-Plane, proudly presenting what is arguably the most advanced F-16 simulation for X-Plane, Including the F-16C Block 52+ Fighting Falcon, Airshow Edition. The new trio ensemble of developers include Andrzej Borysewicz, Kostas Koronakis, and his son Dimitris Koronakis.

The first release of the F-16 will be orientated into the Airshow Edition of the Jet, as such there will be no weapon systems in the first Special Edition. The Flight model is optimised for authentic performance with basic Fly-By-Wire functions controlled by aplugin and verified by real world F-16 pilots.

Here is the feature list:

  • Highly detailed 3d exterior model
  • Highly detailed 3d cockpit model
  • Highly detailed 3d pilot figure with options for show/hide and helmet type
  • Custom HUD
  • Custom selectable action camera angles.
  • Custom JHMCS HUD]
  • Dual Custom MFD displays
  • Custom programmable DED
  • Custom remove before flightobjects
  • Almost every possible animation in and out of the plane
  • Tailhook
  • Real sounds
  • 4K textures
  • Realistic startup sequence
  • Custom particles system
  • Custom cockpit lights
  • Custom external lights
  • Customised payload that includes:
  1. Optional wing smokers
  2. Optional wing fuel tanks
  3. Optional centerline fueltank
  4. Optional centerline travelpod
  5. Optional CFT fuel tanks

The official release is estimated to be on the second half of October 2020.

Check their official facebook page for the latest update.

Follow the development thread on for updates until release in October.

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