Experiencing crashes with Gizmo & ProjectFly? Gizmo rewrites bridge plugin

Peter Tram
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

If you've been experiencing CTDs with X-Plane, and happen to have both Gizmo64 and the ProjectFLY bridge plugin running everytime you start X-Plane, the developer of Gizmo has kindly rewritten a new bridge plugin that fixes the issue.

Recently, Ben Russell, the developer behind Gizmo has noticed an increase in bug reports involving projectFLY's plugin. Users with this plugin installed have been reporting simulator crashes or Log.txt files with mentions of Gizmo throwing a lot of errors. Upon further inspection, it seems that there is a clash between the Gizmo plugin and ProjectFLY's.

The bug seems to be localised in ProjectFly's plugin, where the plugin is sending way too much data under some circumstances.

Further investigation showed that if you start the projectFLY client App after you start X-Plane the simulator usually loads without error.

The developer explains the process of tracking the issue through HexEditor, the debug window from ProjectFly, and IO Ninja to contacting the developer behind the plugin through Twitter, an interesting sequence of events. Along the way, the Ben has also modernised the plugin's choice of datarefs.

Normally you come to see the actual developer fix the issue, not a third party to rewrite the entire plugin. But it comes to show that things can end in a wholesome manner!

The new plugin functions correctly with Gizmo64 installed where the official projectFLY plugin will crash reliably. You can download it on Github:

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