Pyreegue Previews Edinburgh Airport Update for MSFS

September 9, 2021

Shortly after Asobo issued out World Update 6, Pyreegue followed with a suite of new upgrades for his Edinburgh Airport, released back in July. Noting that WU6 has finally brought things to a "manageable level" again, in which the SDK is fixed and continued development is now possible. With that, Pyreeque has quickly turned over a major update that is coming soon for Edinburgh, which includes numerous additions to detail and fixes throughout.

Many of the additions are reflective of the recent efforts on Odesa Airport which includes inhabiting the terminal with 3d scanned people and rain effects on glass. Some quality of life improvements for the airport includes more weathered texturing with the inclusion of more dirt decals across the airport's aprons, toggleable static aircraft, and lowered treelines around the terminal extension. Further populating the landside are new double-decker buses parked in front of the entrace to the terminal, with tour buses parked in the distant corner in the parking lot. The Spitfire memorial has been reworked to reflect more accurately the real life replica being a fibreglass model and not of an actual Spitfire unit.

Here is the full feature list:

- New double-decker busses in front of the terminal entrance and also touring busses further down the parking lot.

- Spitfire memorial has been remodeled and retextured thanks to avsim users who pointed out that's it's not a battle unit but a model made of fiberglass.

- Tree lines near the new terminal extension have been fixed and made lower.

- Glitchy fencing near 24 threshold has been fixed

- Tower lights now have greater draw distance so that you can see that majestic purple on your approach

- Added more dirt to all aprons for a more "worn" look

- Static planes are now toggleable

- Quite a few cars were missing, so more were added near the ATC tower and FastPark areas

- You will now be greeted with static 3d scanned people inside the terminal

- For those who own UKOO and EGPH and experienced "shared" textures between the airports after SU5, this problem should be all gone now, textures have been renamed and re-exported

- Cargo apron now has darker pavement to closer match its real life counterpart

- Added glass rain effects to terminal windows for those awesome rain mood screenshots

- Stands 4A/4 labels have been swapped

- DME has been moved to the same position as the ILS antenna

The new "fibreglass" model of the Spitfire memorial

The update will be live soon after the posting of the announcement, and the developer reiterated that he'll soon be revealing a new airport project as well. For the original announcement post, check it here. Stay tuned!

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