Orbx Releases Sumburgh Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

July 17, 2021

Following a very busy month for the development team, Orbx has released yet another scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sumburgh Airport, in Shetland. The rural airport, situated in the Scottish Shetland Islands is a major transportation hub, connecting locals to the mainland and oil workers to oil rigs.

Orbx has provided a quaint feature list, including various features you expect with their scenery such as a fully custom modelled airport, detailed models of surrounding landmarks, custom ground poly, taxi signs & lights, custom static aircraft and helicopters and PBR 4k textures.

The team stated the airport was originally made for FSX/P3D, then ported to X-Plane and now to Microsoft Flight Simulator as a part of their Throwback Thursday range.

The airport can be bought on Orbx’s website for AUD$18.54.

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