Gaya Simulations Releases Kristiansand Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

March 5, 2021

Norway's Kristiansand was the third and final airport project of Gaya Simulations' 'announcement weekend' and is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D.

"Velkommen til Kristiansand Airport! Located in the idyllic southern reaches of Norway, Kristiansand is the largest city in the spectacular Agder region of the Scandinavian nation and what more fitting way to explore it than by air!" they wrote in the description.

"Approach over the sea or through a narrow valley, Kristiansand really has it all - not to mention it can cater to all as well, with both ILS and RNAV approaches available for those looking to jet off to Norway for a holiday and service to major hubs and tourism hotspots alike."

Here's the feature list:

  • Accurate rendition of Kristiansand Airport with high quality models.
  • Interior modelling for the terminal and tower.
  • Custom ground service cars with the correct branding and types.
  • Custom animations both on the airside and non-airside areas.
  • Ultra high-definition and accurate ground layout and texturing.
  • Custom made winter variant of the airport including ground texturing and building roofs to accurately replicate Norwegian winters.
  • Extensive use of custom orthoimagery for all of Kristiansand City and for approach over the Topdalsfjorden Fjord.
  • Custom night lighting including unique taxi and runway lights, plus custom approach lamps and lights.
  • Airport optimised for best performance.
  • Custom made static aircrafts – can be toggled on/off with control panel.

According to the developer, a 15% launch discount will be available for the products ending at 0800z Monday, March 8th. Alternatively, a 25% discount can be had for users who purchase the Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator sceneries together.

Grab the Microsoft Flight Simulator version for $24.20 USD from OrbxDirect.

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