X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family with AviTab Support and FMS Improvements

Alex John
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

An extensive update for the ERJ Family by X-Crafts has been made available for download. As noted through a post by the developer on x-plane.org, version 1.2.0 is "a major update which wraps up the initial release phase of the ERJ Family by X-Crafts."

Highlights of the update include AviTab support, Tekton FMS improvements, the addition of a Vertical Path Indicator (VPI) to the Primary Flight Display (PFD), and many other improvements.

"We’ve been providing updates very frequently since the release, and we are now confident that these jets are in a very stable state," stated Marko. "Not only did we fix almost all of the reported bugs by now, we are now also bringing some really cool new features like VPI, Avitab and lots of improvements to the FMS which bring the aircraft closer to the real thing once again!"

However, updates to the jets will now happen at a slower pace with the advent of the completion of the initial release phase, which will allow the developer to work on "new and exciting stuff."

Two video tutorials were also featured, which are linked below.

The features list provided is as follows:

ERJ Functions / Tekton FMS Enhancements:  

  • VPI (Vertical Path Indicator) capability has been added to the PFD.  This acts similar to a glide slope indicator, only it shows deviation from the programmed flight path once you reach TOD.  Appears one minute's flight time pre-TOD just like the real thing. It uses the same 250' per dot precision as GS, except for the final approach leg if GS is not being used, where the precision ramps up to 75' per dot.  Again, just like the real thing. A “VPI Helper” for vertical speed mental math is also provided to make challenging descents a bit easier.
  • Added AviTab support.  AviTablet frame can be hidden, stowed and dynamically moved around by the user.
  • Added “Pause near TOD” as a temporary ERJ setting – not saved from flight to flight.  The pause occurs 3 minutes before TOD so that pilots can “get back in the groove” before commencing descent if they’ve been away from the computer.
  • Nearest airport will automatically load in the FMS when initialized or reset (similar to the FMZ2000).
  • FLT PLAN page completely revised.  Waypoint numbers and type removed, added leg distances, altitude predictions and updated color coding.
  • Single waypoint ROUTE’s are now possible.  SID and STAR can be edited down to a single waypoint if desired.
  • Ripple edit of altitude and airspeed now possible.  Edit one waypoint and the rest of the waypoints of the ROUTE are automatically updated to match.  Permits easy entry of step climbs, ATC cleared enroute altitude and speed revisions, etc.
  • Cruise altitude data entry moved to the INIT page to make flight planning flow more fluid.  Loading a flight plan that has waypoint altitude data will automatically enter cruise altitudes in most cases.
  • Changing the units on PERF 3 now persists from session to session as a setting, but does not appear in the ERJ Settings menu (this is intentional).  
  • FMS warnings for incorrect or missing cruise altitudes added.
  • Added capability that saves a Current_Waypoints.txt file for better customer support and flight plan analysis.  Created by custom command as well as automatically with EXEC.
  • Added the ability to reset the FMS on the INIT page in addition to the INDEX.
  • Pilots’ visibility changed in external views.  If the batteries are off, no pilots will be drawn in the cockpit.  If the batteries are on and the main external door is open, only the FO is drawn.  Simulates CA doing a walk around.
  • A “resize icon” has been added so that when your mouse cursor is over the resizing hot zone for any of the popup features or the FMS.
  • Speed brakes will now auto-retract if the groundspeed falls below 25 knots.

ERJ Functions / FMS Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed AP function so that when “turned off,” it disconnects the servos but does not turn the Flight Director off.  The FDIR bars will now continue to provide guidance for manual flight even if the AP is “off.”
  • TOD calculations completely revised, along with SID and STAR altitude predictions.  TOD should remain correct, even after editing the FLT PLAN.

ACF Fixes:

  • Corrected a display discrepancy in the hydraulics indications by revising their systems configuration in the ACF files.

Existing users can update using the SkunkCrafts Updater - instructions on how to do so is available here.

You may follow X-Crafts on their Facebook page.

Cheers to Skrimps for the tip-off in our Discord server!

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