Biological Nanobot Updates Enhanced Skyscapes

Enhanced Skyscapes developer Biological Nanobot has published an update for the X-Plane 11 program. The "visual solution for X-Plane 11" replaces the default sky and clouds with realistic shader-based sky and fully volumetric clouds. It's fully compatible with weather injection add-ons, including but not limited to Active Sky XP and FS Global Real Weather.

The update brings some hefty changes to the program, detailed below:

  • Improved sky colors with brighter sunsets, sunrises, and depiction of Earth's shadow
  • New sky color options for different ozone levels
  • Added smooth weather transitions
  • Clouds are now affected by ambient lighting at night.
  • Users can now disable the custom sky of Enhanced Skyscapes.
  • Added an option to limit the number of cloud layers to save performance
  • Added an option to control cloud update intervals
  • Added a command to reload presets
  • Added commands for adjusting various parameters live.
  • Improved visibility depiction
  • Implemented a workaround for an X-Plane 11 bug requiring to reload weather for clouds to show up when using the default weather engine
  • Shadow circle no longer shows up while in OpenGL mode.
  • Fixed OpenGL coordinate shifts that cause clouds to move abruptly
  • Fixed a bug that caused clouds to look flat when the camera is below a cloud layer
  • Fixed black circle artifacts around the horizon
  • Linux version

Aspiring users of Enhanced Skyscapes can obtain the program on the Threshold store for 15.00USD. BioNanobot has provided prospective buyers a 20-minute demo to test the product before making their final purchase decision.

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