Eyevionics, an Innovation in Home Cockpit Software, Announced

Eyevionics, a new entrant into the home cockpit space, has been announced. Intended to integrate with MSFS, it brings multiple facets of a glass cockpit to mobile devices like the iPad.  

Addressing the lack of any proper glass cockpit solution for MSFS on external monitors, Eyevionics integrates many aspects of the cockpit into one, such as the PFD, MFD, and EFIS. According to the app’s creator, Fabian Lauer, the goal for Eyevionics is “to start an app on one, two, three devices, set up its user interface for the flight you want to fly with a few touches and then just go fly.”

Eyevionics is still in active development, but boasts an ever-growing list of features already implemented into the app, which include:

  • Multi-Device Support: for example one tablet for the PFD and another tablet for the MFD
  • 3D Terrain in PFD & MFD: freely explore the globe in 3D in your MFD
  • Terrain alert: terrain above you is highlighted in PFD and/or MFD
  • Follow cam view in MFD, with optional turn lookahead view (see where you are turning)
  • Autopilot control (also flight director in PFD)
  • Radio & Transponder tuning
  • Engine information (RPM, CHT, EGT, N1, Fuel etc)
  • Radio Navigation & ILS Guidance
  • Basic EFB features (airports, runways, navaids, frequencies, airspace info)
  • Airspace insights: see in what airspace you currently are
  • Analogue Gauges page (classic sixpack)

Many features are still under development for the app, such as:

  • Traffic integration
  • More supported platforms, most importantly Android
  • Profile map: see terrain and airspace ahead in a profile view
  • GPS navigation (waypoints, flight plan management, visual reporting points.)
  • More features will be developed after initial release.

Eyevionics is planned to release initially with support for iOS, as well as Android tablets, and expect to release sometime in 2024.

For more information, and further announcements, visit eyevionics.eu, or their X (formerly Twitter) account here.

As of the time of writing, no pricing information has been announced, but Threshold will keep you informed as announcements come out about this exciting new entrant into the home cockpit space!

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