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By: Sam Clark
May 13, 2018


By: Sam Clark
May 13, 2018
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Imminent: SimCoders informs Carenado F33A REP coming soon

Following the release of Carenado's F33A Bonanza X-Plane 11 port earlier today, SimCoders have announced that the aircraft will receive an updated Reality Expansion Pack (REP).

Good news for owners of F33A REP from X-Plane 10: you will receive a discount for the updated version - the amount discounted hasn't been revealed yet, however based off of the release of REP for the Carenado C210, expect ~60% off.  The REP package for the Carenado F33A Bonanza will be released as soon as the aircraft is for sale on the X-Plane.org store.

The news was announced on the SimCoders website earlier today. Here is the transcript:

"Carenado just released the F33A Bonanza for X-Plane 11, therefore we are working on the Reality Expansion Pack for it. We will release it as soon as the F33 is available at store.x-plane.org. There will be a discount for the current X-Plane 10 F33A + REP users, just like what happened for the C210. The same will happen for the future updates of the other REPped aircraft."

See the announcement post on the SimCoders website.