FlightBeam Publishes New Auckland Previews

October 7, 2020

Amir Salehi of FlightBeam has published a fresh set of new previews on their upcoming Auckland Intl. Airport on the newly released MSFS. Not much new additional information has been added except a short explaination to where things are going behind the scenes this year.

"It's been quite a long time since the last round of reviews, I apologize for that." Mir begins..

"To say that this year has been a roller coaster ride is an understatement."

As a small compensation for the radio silence, the new images act as a validation that things are still going strong for the Auckland project. The new images shows the scenery in all its glory harnessing the simulator's rendering engine, all taken in MSFS the previews show the International Terminal, the Domestic Terminal, ANZ Engineering hangars and more.

"Development is rocking on" Mir confirms, "I thank you for your patience and support while I get this next-gen airport ready."

For the original announcement and the full set of previews, check the official forum thread.

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