FlightBeam Announces Denver for Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 6, 2020
Finally... Announcing Denver Intl Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

In a Facebook Post hours ago, FlightBeam has confirmed their first product for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator with the reveal of their Denver Intl Airport scenery, following other big names in the scenery development community like FlyTampa, FSDreamTeam and Gaya. It appears that the 5th of July is the date that the NDA for developers has lifted to some degree, as confirmed by the developers at Drzewiecki Design leading to the surge in "we did this in FS2020!" announcements. The posts, some cryptically void of any details simply serve as an indication to the community that the team is committed and onboard with the new platform.

The ported sceneries, like the work of other developers has showcased the visual work harnessing the power of the new simulator's rendering engine:

FlightBeam has publicly announced their intention to fully support the new platform a month ago, commemorating the team's 10th year anniversary.

"I believe this is the next generation platform and will be for the foreseeable future"

Not much more information has been published by FlyTampa, though we'll keep on the lookout! Learn more about Microsoft Flight Simulator on Threshold's coverage hub.

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