FlyByWire Simulations Releases Overhauled Installer Software

January 15, 2021

Contributors towards the open-source FlyByWire Simulations A32NX have released a new version of the installer software used to download the latest versions of the aircraft.

The application was previewed at the end of last year and showed room for many customisations such as engine-type selectors and a teasing of their in-progress A380 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It was made clear from the previews that the A320ceo is in the plans for the future (including the CFM56 and IAE V2500) of the series.

A brief feature list was also made available alongside the release:

  • Automatic updates to ensure you're always on the latest version
  • Beautifully redesigned user friendly interface
  • Easy switching between different versions (stable, development, and experimental) 
  • Version history to easily see what's new in each patch 

If you’d like to learn more about FlyByWire Simulations and the inner workings of what has become Microsoft Flight Simulator’s most popular modification, check out our three-part interview series in which we pick the brains of the project’s leaders. See part one here.

The installer can be downloaded from the group’s website.

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