FlyDesign Releases Gdansk Airport (EPGD)

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Polish scenery maker FlyDesign has released their latest project for X-Plane - that being Gdansk Airport (EPGD) located in the north of the developer's home country.

While only having a single runway, Gdansk is the 3rd busiest airport in Poland, serving 5 million passengers per year. The airport is named after former Polish president Lech Wałęsa.

Having previously released three sceneries for X-Plane - Krakow (EPKK), Cannes-Mandelieu (LFMD) and Olsztyn-Mazury (EPSY), FlyDesign are no stranger to development for Laminar's sim, Gdansk in particular including SAM functionality, dynamic lighting and high-resolution ground textures. The full feature list is available below:

  • EPGD International airport, completely new 4K buildings with all detailed,
  • Highly detailed Terminal Interior,
  • 3D LED technology runway lighting,
  • Animated jetways and docking guidance system by SAM,
  • High resolution ground textures,
  • Hand-placed vegetation,
  • All Dynamic lightings,
  • Fully AI traffic compatible,
  • Optimized for excellent performance,
  • EPGD charts by LIDO.

You can purchase FlyDesign's Gdansk Airport (EPGD) for EUR 18.90 from simMarket here.

Cheers to Vinniethegreat for tipping us off on FlyDesign's latest airport - join the Threshold Discord server here <3

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