FlightFactor A320 Ultimate Pre-Release Pushed Back for 2 Weeks

September 15, 2021

In a short forum post published a few hours ago on x-plane.org, one of the developers named “Horusjatina” has issued a short announcement that the upcoming FlightFactor A320 Ultimate pre-release beta’s release date has been pushed back towards the 12th to the 14th of October,  an approximate 2-week extension from the original release date of the 28th to the 30th of this month. The additional 2 weeks will facilitate proper testing and quality control prior to public distribution for users to test.

The developer further noted that holds and alternates about other work is nearing completion, the team is holding off on publishing previews now as they are not satisfied with the current state of the work at the moment.

Beginning the post with positive news, Horusjatina has assured that a lot of work has been done from the promised feature list which includes numerous bug fixes which center primarily around HOLDs functions, some notable changes include fixed computed holds, hold entries, and exiting hold and correct exits building, further additional functionality was added such as HOLD speed management.

Alternate Pages received similar attention, where, alternate airports are displayed along with the addition of computing TRK, EXTRA, DIST to alternate airports.

Here is the full list:

 * flight control fixed - direct mode became much more predictable, and takeoff and landing is comfortable

    * HOLDs almost finished:

  • holds configuration from nav database
  • fixed computed holds
  • pilot selectable holds works correctly with default values from database or computed
  • correct HOLD leg info in F-PLN
  • HOLD speed management: deceleration point, automatic deceleration for entering hold and acceleration after exit
  • hold entries fixes
  • exiting HOLD and correct exits building
  • and many other fixes

    * FUEL PRED (INIT B) changes:

  • MIN DEST FOB is correctly computed
  • All required fields on the pages are available for inputting your own values
  • ALT/TIME value computes for selected ALT airport
  • some labels change their color under certain conditions
  • new messages are added
  • other small fixes

    * Alternates Page is almost finished:

  • Displays alternate airports
  • Computes TRK, EXTRA, DIST to alternate airports

As per usual, Threshold will be here to closely observe the development of the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, watch this space. For the original announcement, check the forum thread. Many thanks to user Nyro for the scoop.

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