FlightFactor Update’s A320 to Version 1.6.1

February 26, 2023

FlightFactor's A320 has been one of the most popular and well-regarded flight simulation aircraft for some time. The latest update to the A320 includes several improvements and fixes that enhance the overall experience of flying the plane. In this news article, we will take a closer look at the improvements and fixes introduced in the update.

Cabin Visual Improvements:

One of the most notable improvements in this update is the enhancement of the cabin visuals. The update brings improvements to the cabin, which helps to create a more immersive experience. These improvements make the cabin feel more realistic and add to the overall realism of the aircraft.

Image: Kael


The update also includes several fixes which address issues that were present in previous versions of the addon. Some of these fixes are:

Dimmed Cabin Floor Light Stripe:

One of the issues addressed in this update is the floor light stripe. The update fixes this issue and ensures that the light stripe appears as intended.

VSW Stuck and Not Moving:

Another issue addressed in this update is the VSW stuck and not moving. The VSW (Vertical Speed Wheel) is an essential component of the aircraft, and when it gets stuck, it can cause problems for the pilot. The update fixes this issue and ensures that the VSW operates correctly.

Overspeed Protection Too Aggressive:

The overspeed protection in the A320 was too aggressive, which meant that the aircraft would automatically reduce its speed even when it was not necessary. This update fixes this issue and ensures that the overspeed protection operates as intended.

Missed Doors in XP11 Version:

In the XP11 version of the A320, some doors were missing. The update fixes this issue and ensures that all doors are present and functioning correctly.

Missed Internal Lights in the Cockpit and Cabin in XP11 Version:

Another issue in the XP11 version was the missed internal lights in the cockpit and cabin. The update fixes this issue and ensures that all internal lights are present and working correctly.

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