FlightFactor 767-400ER Available in Public Beta

July 13, 2022

The most recently released real-world variant of the Boeing 767 is now available for X-Plane courtesy of FlightFactor.

First launched in 2000, the -400ER shares a common type rating with other 767 models as well as 757 variants, though in cockpit form is much closer to Boeing's 777 with six displays arranged in the same way as the larger widebody.

Today's beta release coincided with a number of other improvements for the 767 series as a whole.

These include:

  • added new 767-400ER model with brand new 777 like efis as a new paid additional extension package (Delta, United, Air Canada, China Eastern, China Southern, FlightFactor House, Turkish Airlines liveries already in pack)
  • added glow/glare effects for FPDS display units and tune effects for other avionics variants
  • added a few optimizations related to displays drawing
  • added a little optimization related to graphics memory usage
  • fixed an issue when takeoff rwy is reset on rte page after inserting SID/RWY from departure page
  • fixed when clb and des restriction and transition speeds were shared in between
  • more correct map data sorting and cutting with map range
  • fixed blank charts with aircraft pos displaying enabled when aircraft is out of chart boundaries
  • fixed possible incorrect registering of right mouse click events under some conditions
  • fixed anti-aliasing slider appearance in effects configuration page for differents plane variants
  • fixed possible crash on startup related to specific audio capture devices configuration
  • fixed possible case when positions of 2D windows are not correctly restored after plane startup
  • changed gear tilt angle
  • improved flaps animation
  • fixed inverted RB color channels in Charts
  • improved 767 AA livery

FlightFactor are retailing the 767-400ER at $79.00 USD with a $69.00 USD launch price for the time being, whereas owners of other 767 variants can upgrade for $30.00 USD.

The developer recently released this chart to show the upgrade options available for the 767.

It's important to note that even though the -400ER is able to be purchased, the developers makes it clear that this is a public beta and issues are to be expected.

Purchase the standalone 767-400ER from the X-Plane.org Store here, or upgrade at this link here.

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