FlightFactor A320 Receives Update

January 17, 2023
nobody, apparently.

Flight Factor's A320, a popular and highly-regarded flight simulator add-on for X-Plane, has recently received a significant update. The update includes a variety of new features and improvements

Some of the newest features to be implemented on the A320 include; the option to use sharklets and the new icing system which is said to be fully operational. Another much-anticipated feature which has been implemented is full SimBrief integration of the aircraft's EFB. 

The full changelog includes: 



* Simbrief integration (through INIT REQUEST)

* Icing effects

* Anti-ice system

* Sharklets

* Dual input and sidestick priority logic

* new cabin 3d-model

* significant improvement of Flightplan calculation performance


* incorrect prebuilt holdings pattern

* Go-Around procedure issues

* Overspeed protection

* incorrect prebuilt hold entries

* go-around procedure activation

* duplicate markers on the flight path when close to the MAP

* EFIS BARO knob pull for 'active mouse wheel' input

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