FlightFactor Uploads Images of Textured Cockpit in 787 Pro

November 6, 2020

FlightFactor has shared the first previews of their 787 Pro with texturing underway.

Taking to Twitter, FlightFactor uploaded three images of the cockpit with a fair amount of progress made in the texturing stage.

These follow on from renders released last month that showed a detailed, yet untextured cockpit.

The 787 Pro was originally announced in mid-September, in a new line of aircraft that aims to be a significant step up in detail compared to their existing aircraft.

Almost two weeks ago, the team tweeted this image, asking whether users would like to see a map of an airport on their ND (Navigational Display) in the 787.

The image shows O'Hare International Airport and its numerous runways and taxiways.

FlightFactor confirmed Airport Visual System (AVS), a plugin they have developed in the past, will not be required for this functionality.

As for an ETA, x-plane.org estimates the aircraft will be released in the second half of 2021.

On the Airbus side of their lineup, FlightFactor posted a few images of something intended to be used in their A320 Ultimate.

Many users believe it to be a TCAS system in development, though FlightFactor has neither confirmed nor denied this.

FlightFactor’s Twitter page is available to follow here, and their Facebook page here.

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