Flyingiron Simulation Releases its F6F Hellcat

September 12, 2022

Flyingron Simulations released its long-anticipated F6F Hellcat, adding to its ever-growing war-bird hangar. In WWII, the Grumman Hellcat served primarily as a NAVY bird on aircraft carriers. It replaced the F4F Wildcat to take on the A6M Zero. The Hellcat later became one of the top performing combat aircraft of the war gaining over 5,000 kills by the end of World War II. Flyingiron has brought the Hellcats legacy to Microsoft Flight Simulator with meticulous attention to detail. Flyingiron has also gained recognition for its Spitfire and P-58 models developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The F6F-5 HELLCAT is for sale for the reasonable price of $45 AUD.

The model is well detailed and handcrafted, taking over six months to complete. A few notable features include attention to aircraft systems and thermodynamics, factors to be considered in terms of wear and tear, and power plant management. Expect a learning curve when flying the Hellcat, which will challenge your manual flying skills. The F6F will be an exciting aircraft to switch to if you are used to flying today's modern birds. Usability features include a virtual tablet with customization options, maintenance, live aircraft monitoring, and more. 

For a complete list of features including the product manual, check out the Hellcat product page here on the Flyingiron Simulations site.

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