FlyingIron Simulations Releases P-38L Lightning for MSFS

September 30, 2021


FlyingIron Simulations has expanded their classic warbirds catalogue with the just released P-38L Lightning for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform following the announcement earlier this month. The developers’ first aircraft for the MSFS platform comes equipped with an ensemble cast of numerous features, and this aircraft is no different. Some notable features of the P-38 include a custom damage model and simulated failures caused by excessive heat, furthermore, the aircraft features optional drop tanks and a highly detailed heat and thermodynamics model.

With over 10.000 of the type built between 1941 and 1944, the P-38 is an iconic American warbird. The ‘fork-tailed devil’ inspired terror across Europe and the Pacific, not only as a fighter but also as a fighter bomber. The aircraft is powered by 2 Allison V-1710 engines allowing the P38 to reach speeds of up to 414mph. The engines drive 2 Curtiss Electric constant-speed propellers generating up to 1600HP in every engine, making the P-38 a powerful beast that struck fear into all of its targets. 

Key features: 

  • High-quality, extensively detailed and accurate 3D Model & texturing brings to life every rivet, screw & oil streak of the P-38L
  • Immersive Wwise Sound design built from professional recordings of a real P-38 and Allison V-1710. Highly dynamic sound design captures each detail of flight in stereo; dynamic wind noise, drag & buffer sounds, high-g effects, airframe stress & so much more!
  • 9 included liveries, including Richard Bong’s iconic livery. Professional quality nose art included in many liveries.
  • Detailed & Extensive simulations of the Lightnings core systems, including accurate, code-driven replications of the Lightnings Fuel, Engine, Cooling and Electrical Systems.
  • Incredibly realistic Flight Model created by our newest team member, the highly respected GotGravel!
  • Custom code-driven heat & thermodynamics modelling, extensive engine management simulation
  • Realistic Engine Start-up modelling (don’t forget your checklists!)
  • Optional Drop Tanks
  • Custom damage modelling & failures, including heat damage & operating limits
  • 3D GNS 430 fully integrated into the cockpit (optional)
  • Modern Radio / Transponder Unit
  • Inclusion of FlyingIron’s UI Tablet (optional). The tablet incorporates many useful GUI features and puts them in an easily accessible and realistic in-cockpit Touchscreen Tablet.
  • Interactive checklists available to guide you through start-up and flight procedures

The FlyingIron Simulations P-38L Lightning is available for $45,00 on the FlyingIronSimulations store.

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