FlyingIron Updates Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator

May 26, 2021

FlyingIron Simulations has been hard at work updating their Mk IXc Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update addresses bugs and adds some new features to the aircraft. This update brings the historic aircraft to version 1.0.2. The update may seem like a general bug fix, but it is quite the contrary. 

The changelog includes the following:


  • Modern Radio & Transponder unit added
  • Windshield scratches decreased
  • Cockpit control hitboxes improved, made easier to use
  • Pilot head basic animation
  • Fuel Slipper Tank added
  • Fixed Compass & Directional Indicator
  • Prop blur adjusted at low RPMs
  • Cockpit Camera collisions added
  • Various small bug fixes
  • User Manual updates


  • Custom C++ Merlin Temperature model integrated (replaces default MSFS thermodynamics system)
  • Fuel system overhauled + External Tank integrated
  • Custom oxygen system integrated
  • Fuel Primer functionality integrated - now required for startup (note that requirements vary with weather conditions)
  • Engine failures revised, overheat failures improved. The engine must now be flown inside real-world operating limits or it will very likely fail
  • Camera/quick-views overhauled
  • Door & Canopy overhauled - increased realism, includes locking mechanism. Door must be closed to operate the canopy slide.
  • Ctrl+E Auto-start fixed

Flight Model

  • Geometry corrections, wing surface areas corrected
  • CG locations & limits revised
  • Lift & Drag curves revised
  • Flaps pitching moment & drag corrections (nose-down tendency more realistically modelled)
  • Moments of Inertia revised
  • Roll rates & control authority adjusted
  • Weathervaning tendency improved
  • Takeoff run increased realism - more stable along roll axis, reduced P-factor torque
  • Braking force increased, tipping tendency reduced slightly
  • Engine modelling adjusted slightly, inverted flight restored


  • Brakes pneumatic sound added 
  • Flap sound improved
  • Engine 3D Sound panning bug fixed, attenuation improved
  • Door, lock & canopy sounds updated

The development team also added that “The flight model has been overhauled and improved, with many small corrections adding up to make for a significantly more realistic experience”.

Alongside this update, FlyingIron stated that the Spitfire will be soon available on the Microsoft Marketplace once Microsoft completes the testing.

For more information, the original post can be found on FlyingIron's Website.

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