FlyingIron Simulations Announces P-38L for MSFS, Welcomes New Team Member

September 11, 2021

Earlier this week, FlyingIron Simulations announced its latest product - P-38L Lightning for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft, currently in closed-beta testing, will bring Wwise sound packages, detailed modeling/textures, and realistic flight systems.

According to the developer, the P-38L has been in development for the past six month and they are currently adding the “final polishes”. The finished product is expected to feature realistic exterior/interior modeling, accurate flight systems, custom Wwise sound packages, and modern radio/transponder integration. A full list of features can be viewed on the developer’s website, though FlightIron Simulations have indicated that the list is not yet complete.

In addition to the P-38L announcement, the developer also revealed that Raimond, aka GotGravel, will join the team as a Flight Model developer. He will bring to the team (now 3 people) 38 years of computer program experience in some 25 various coding languages. Some of his past accomplishments includes “the Flight Model of the recently released Gee Bee R3 Special, as well as several excellent freeware aircraft and has also contributed to various other aircraft projects.

Currently, the P-38L is expected to be released by the end of September, though the product’s pricing has not yet been disclosed. Upon release, users can purchase the aircraft on the developer’s website and 4-6 weeks later on the MSFS Marketplace.

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