Pneumatic and Electrical Systems Overhauled in Update to FlyingIron Simulations' Spitfire

Alex John
Friday, March 6, 2020

The Spitfire MK IX by FlyingIron Simulations has received a large update, focusing on systems modelling, art, animations, and a new FlyingIron UI tablet.

Released about fourteen months ago, the aircraft is the developer's second product after the P-47N Thunderbolt. The Spitfire, originally manufactured by Supermarine, was produced and utilised extensively during the Second World War. It is one of the most-produced aircraft of all time.

FlyingIron split their update into three distinct parts. Beginning with systems modelling, the pneumatic and electrical systems have been overhauled, along with the braking system having been reworked.

  • Overhauled Pneumatic System to be more realistic
  • Overhauled Electrical system to be more realistic
  • Reworked Braking system - axis control is now available via the 'SpeedBrake' axis binding.
  • Improved several failures/damage coding
  • Improvements to fuel system modelling
  • Battery now tied to Gear Indicator Switch (on the Throttle block)
  • Transponder added

Art, animation, and manipulators is the next section the developer identified, as detailed below.

  • Added many more cockpit animations, most switches/levers are now fully animated
  • Removed VR/GUI Panel, replaced with FlyingIron Sims Tablet
  • Improved several manipulators to be easier to click/access
  • Added command for Dust Filter
  • 3D Transponder added - as part of the optional 'Modern Radio'
  • Instrument block now vibrates from Engine vibrations

The last section, general, looked exclusively at anew tablet designed by FlyingIron themselves.

  • Added FlyingIron UI Tablet; includes Flight Setup App, Comms App, Settings, GPS, EFIS and much more
  • Avitab Integrated via the Tablet

The aircraft can be purchased from a number of stores, including the developer's own website, Threshold, and

To add to today's news, FlyingIron Simulations has recently announced development for Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). Specifically, the team announced a LTV A-7E Corsair II for DCS, which received overwhelming support from users of the simulator.

The source for the changelog is available to view at the forum.

Keep up-to-date with FlyingIron through their Facebook page.

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