Debut: FlyJSim 727 v3

Peter Tram
February 19, 2018

For those waiting for a 737 that shares the same quality and complexity as the FJS 737, look no further as FJS announced that they will be upgrading the 727 to version 3, bringing some of the features present in the 737 to the 727. The 727 will be the result of cumulative skill building for the team, who has learn new techniques during the development run of the 737. That leaves their initial debut product, the Q400 untouched and unappropriated for the current X-Plane version. Only time will tell what could be the result of their first product for X-Plane 11. The first preview of the new 727 update looks to be a compelling purchase.

Main features:


Prior to this update, the team has also released teaser shots of what is to become the next version of the 727. Presumably, the shots and videos are indicative that FJS has been experimenting to build their texturing skills for PBR: