FlyJSim Developer Update 6: Q4XP, Q&A and More

May 3, 2021
Alexandre Faroux
nobody, apparently.

FlyJSim has just published their sixth developer update, previewing their upcoming Q4XP, answering community questions, updating users on the upcoming 727/737 update. 


The developer has indicated that a patch will be released for both aircraft, mostly concentrating on the addition of multi-crew operations with the upcoming SharedFlight software. 


The developer’s latest project, the DHC-8 Q400 ‘Q4XP’ received great attention in this update. “We’re pleased to report that modelling is complete, and texturing is about 99.9% complete. The largest chunk of this work that we haven’t really shown publicly to date is the cabin work. Needless to say, Jack and Valdudes poured their heart and soul into this one.” added the developer.

The Q4XP is set to be FlyJSim’s most advanced add-on with a highly polished cabin and luggage compartment. 

The developer also previewed the “Master Display Panel”, a panel in the cabin that allows flight attendants to control cabin temperature, lights and more; the panel is set to be completely simulated. Also previewed in the update is the aeroplane’s night landing. 

The developer then went onto the aircraft systems, indicating that a full FADEC system will be reproduced and that an interactive throttle diagram to assist the users would be included. 

Tackling Q4XP liveries the developer says: “Our current list of default liveries is locked-down. However that doesn’t mean you won’t see more at launch. We’ve teamed up with some of the most talented livery painters in flightsim, who have been given a copy of the Q4XP to start their work. We’ve already had a few amazing creations so far.”

Last but not least, the developer went onto answering community questions. A few are included below, however, to read the full Q&A, visit FlyJSim’s website


A. No. We're focused on the X-Plane platform for the foreseeable future. But we highly recommend supporting Majestic as they convert their simulation into that platform.

Q. What system(s) have been the biggest headache to program so far?

A. Definitely the UNS. Glad to say that is shaping up quite nicely. We've gone as far as developing an external trainer to submit for review to our Q400 pilots.

Q. How much work is left?

A. Enough that it would be difficult to explain in a single post. There are a few intricacies that pilots don't normally have to deal with. Good news is, that a lot of components are done, and the remaining are being tied together as we speak

Q. Will there be any future big updates? Cabin in the 727? Gravel Kit? Glass cockpit? And... and..

A. WOAH, slow down there! Our team size is very small, and we can safely say that the Q4XP is the only active project right now. However... we are aware that those things exist, and you would be surprised at how many fans those items have within our team. Big updates normally come about as a generational leap, where we can offer and significant amount of advancement and satisfaction for your aircraft. 

To read the full update, visit FlyJSim’s website

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