FlyingIron Simulations issues new Spitfire project update, opens beta testing applications

Peter Tram
January 11, 2019

FlyingIron Simulations has just published a new update detailing the latest advancements in the development of their Spitfire project! In two facebook posts, the team indicated that the aircraft has reached a stage where beta testing should begin, alongside a massive list of progress.

The aircraft will utilise X-Plane 1.30's newest features to its full advantage. Some highlights of the update include the systems being mainly complete, with over 2,000 lines of code written so far and possibly counting. Sounds for the Spitfire is created using "Multisound Events", to prevent hearing the same repetitive sound over and over, increasing realism, and the Particle system are currently being refined and tweaked. Here is the full list and previews:

Update list:

In the second facebook post, the team announced that Beta Testing will begin very shortly, around the 15th of January, and is currently on the lookout for new prospective testers to try their product. Interested users should comment on said facebook post here: LINK

Additionally, the team seeks those who has the following skills/knowledge:

1. Individuals with extensive knowledge of the Spitfire & its operations
2. Real-World Flight Experience, ideally in a tail-dragger
3. Our long-time supporters and owners of the P-47 will have a higher chance of being chosen as a thank you for your support


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