FlyT to Develop for the New Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 7, 2020

UPDATE: The developer reached out to us and clarifed that the update is not a farewell message to X-Plane and P3D alike, but a confirmation that the team has set foot in the development scene on the new platform.

And another developer jumps into the FS2020 bandwagon! In a Facebook post, FlyT opens up by addressing the challenging conditions that all of us has to endure this year, but said challenges does not deter the team from continued development on Willard Airport.

This year has already proven to be a challenging one for many of us, but we're still here and working on Willard Airport.

The team followed by announcing that their current release, Frasca Field, and all further releases in the future would be done in Microsoft Flight Simulator, possibly implying that the team has refocused away from X-Plane and P3D, to solely work on the new platform. "We've been extremely proud to be part of the next generation platform."

Currently available on X-Plane, Frasca Field will serve to be the first product offered by the Brazillian developer on the new simulator.

Thank you all so much for the support! It's been a great journey.

The original Facebook post can be found here. Previous articles about FlyT can be viewed here. Stay tuned for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator developments at our dedicated hub page.

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