Fenix Simulations Updates Fenix A320 V2B2 for MSFS

Fenix Simulations has recently issued a new update to their Airbus A320 V2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing adjustments and fixing issues found by the community during the week and a half it’s been out. 

Update V2.0.0.392 is the first update since the release of Block 2 V2 in late February, and it addresses issues with high CPU usage, autopilot engagement, performance in exterior view, the RETARD callout bug, and more. The complete changelog follows below:

[Avionics and Systems]
Tuned alpha protection and recovery (should fix AP not engaging spuriously issue)
Improved “zombie MSFS process” resistance
Improved logging in a few core places to assist in troubleshooting
Fixed high CPU usage by FenixBootstrapper.exe and Fenix.exe
Fixed issues causing failed hook-ins (blank screens)
Fixed boarding starting while catering is in progress
Fixed N1 gauge crossed out if N1 mode engaged (IAE)
Fixed conditions for DisarmDoors triggering
Fixed red line being drawn in N1 gauge when it’s amber crossed
Improved roll rate when bank angle protection takes control of the aircraft.
Fix potential issue when GSX boarding and refueling are called at the same time
Adjust D1L closure time after boarding has completed
Fix boarding music not playing in some scenarios
Fixed several potential crashes
Added fuel venting based on airspeed
Adjusted AoA dampening
Improved latching into detents with incremental throttle control
Improved brake application and release times for button users
Fixed bypass pin being stuck in
Adjusted VLS calculation
Fixed missing EFIS, RMP, ELEC and FCU Lvars
Fixed auto deboarding sometimes not working correctly (it now attempts to deboard regardless of parking status)
Fixed FMS tuned navaids not clearing when RMP goes into NAV override
Fixed display of FD flag
Fixed ECAM F/CTL page automatically showing with too little control input
Improved fuel venting further
Fixed restart button crashing launcher
Fixed GSX integration not opening the rear door
[Art and Sound]
Improved performance especially in exterior view
RAT decal misplaced
Reverser sound fade in harsh on IAEs
Retard callout won't stop playing fix
Added ice detection system
Improved engine spinner idle blur to help with frame gen artifacting
Improved interior rear of wing sounds on IAE
Increased N1 bearing volume on IAE engines
Improved pilot/copilot, overhead and EFB cameras
Reduced packs and CAB FAN volume
Slightly improved performance on audio engine
IAE start up sounds adjusted to be louder further away
Fixed initial start being too quiet/muffled (especially ENG 2)
Improved interior sound set for IAE at idle
Fixed sky reflection in virtual cabin windows
Fixed idle spinner not being in blurred state
Fixed FWD and AFT cargo door handles being incorrectly synced
Fixed missing animation/texture for running CFM N1 fan
Fixed American SATCOM text+symbol cut off
Fixed offset weathering on RMP1 VOR1 switch
Fixed floating ice probe on windscreen
Fixed sun shade visor vanishing on cursor hover
Fixed incorrect tooltip for pedals
Fixed left main landing gear tire animations missing
Fixed right CFM inlet missing rivets
Fixed pylon panel labeling not being visible through cabin windows
Fixed right CFM pylon having a gap in panel seams
Fixed BRK TEMP DET UNIT being popped
Fixed N1 buttons and maintenance bus switch missing tooltips
Fixed modern wing decals clipping into wing
Fixed GSX definition for door L4
Improved LODing when switching between interior and exterior views
Fixed slats clipping into wing when transitioning
Fixed cabin pressure decal not animating with door
Fixed mesh gaps around central window column
Fixed AEVC loop thumps
[Flight and Engine Models]
Improved heat transfer mechanics
Gently adjusted ground effect
Fixed boarding starting while catering is still in progress when using the auto catering option
Fixed take-off performance calculator sometimes not working correctly when using lbs
Fixed polling Navigraph too much when waiting for authentication
Fixed some issues that could occur when loading the aircraft multiple times
Fixed custom intersection TORA only allowing 4 digits when using FT units
[Livery Manager]
Stopped livery verification from running at each start-up and moved it to a “verify liveries” button in settings
Cleaned up settings

The update is available to all customers on the Fenix Dashboard

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