Project76 B767 Updated to Version 0.6.7

February 16, 2023

Freeware Boeing 767 project “project76” has just been updated to version 0.6.7. This is a project I personally have been following for some time and it continues to impress update after update. The latest update for the aircraft brings a host of improvements, additional new features and fixes! 

The full changelog for version 0.6.7 (alpha) features the following: 

- Cockpit lighting

  - added lighting for panel instruments, backlit marks, floodlights, and dome lights

  - added dimmers for cockpit lighting

  - added dimmers for FMS CDU panels

  - added dimmers for ADI, HSI, and EICAS CRT displays

- Winglets

  - added type-accurate winglets, including lights

  - added menu option to toggle winglets on and off

  - includes default winglet textures plus separate textures for several bundled liveries

- Panel instrument graphics

  - updated to 4K higher resolution graphics

  - fully custom ADI with FMA, dual cue FD, speed trend arrow, and other indications

  - improved accuracy of EICAS graphics

  - added screen glow to all CRT displays

  - altered registration placard to white letters on black

- Exterior graphics

  - added metal windshield frames to the base livery and several bundled liveries

  - updated tail surfaces to include metal leading edges

- Cockpit windows

  - enabled animation for opening/closing Pilot and Copilot windows, including hand cranks

  - added menu options for opening/closing cockpit windows

- Engine Start

  - improved accuracy of the engine start sequence

  - corrected engine fuel cut-off switch operation

- Flight Model

  -various tweaks to plane maker settings to improve overall drag, performance, and handling

- Autopilot

  - enabled LNAV functionality

  - used XP11 default airliner autopilot modes to create semi-realistic Boeing 767 Autopilot and Autothrottle

You can pick up the latest version of the Aircraft here! 

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