Gaya Simulations Reopens Kos Giveaway for X-Plane

Luke Phillips
Sunday, February 23, 2020

Gaya Simulations has reopened the giveaway for their Kos for X-Plane, for the next 24 hours. Users can claim the scenery for free until 19:00 GMT tomorrow (Monday).

Gaya has emphasised that the giveaway has only reopened for users who had registered for the original giveaway and did not redeem their code.

This was stated in their announcement post:

“[...]the system is open only for those who already have their coupons and missed the last time for use it (2 weeks ago).

For any users who didn’t get a chance to get a copy of the scenery for free, it is now available to purchase at Orbx.

The original post is available to find on the Gaya Simulations Facebook page.

If you didn’t redeem your free version of Kos originally you can do so at Gaya Simulations’ website.

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